Saturday, June 29, 2013

Leo M posts about Friday night racing...

Friday night racing took place with 8-10 kts of wind and warm clear skies last night. Wizard was in the second start along with a t-bird, J29 and other boats. We started less desirable side of the start line but with clear air and room to maneuver.  This turned out to be the right decision as we quickly accelerated past the other boats in our start. Half way to Juanita Bay we passed boats in the first start.  At the mark we were passed by a McGregor 65', leaving us in second at the mark rounding.  On the way to the finish, we managed to hold off a J209.  Because the J209 has an asymmetrical spinnaker they were not able to sail as directly down wind as Wizard with its symmetric spinnaker.  In the end, they crossed the finish 2-3 boat lengths ahead of us.  After the race the J209 congratulated us and ask, what is your PHRF rating?  I replied, not as low as yours for sure.  So we ended up third behind the McGregor and J209.  Not a bad night for a novice crew and skipper.

Join us for Friday night keelboat racing!


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