Sunday, June 8, 2003

Summer 2003 Telltale Archive

Full Summer 2003 Archived Issue
Commodore’s Report    Claudette Meyer
Hello Sailors! I hope everyone is enjoying the last remaining days of summer. The past couple of quarters for the club have been good. Several new Lasers and a Hobie 16 were added to our fleet; the majority by donation. Our fleet captains are doing an excellent job working to maintain our boats. Special thanks to Abi Plawman for her tireless efforts in maintaining the sails. George Richardson, Christian Rusby and Matt MacAdam completed the remodel of the keelboat locker, while Ross Fleming spent days setting up the computer in the locker. Cath Dahle provided us with a terrific Opening Day party.
Both spring and summer Snooze N Cruises produced great turnout. Classes have received good attendance and have been running smoothly under the direction of Interim Vice Commodore Kyle Fitzpatrick. The club hired Marie Sandona as the new Program Director so that Kate Bogh, our veteran PD of two years could graduate. Marie has been doing a great job in tackling the club's administrative tasks. I trust everyone had a great time these past quarters and I look forward to continuing our current trend.
Lately, I have been working to recruit new fleet captains and fill other vacant positions. Please see the club webpage for current vacancies. Thank you to all those who have volunteered time, energy and ideas; your help is very much appreciated. I have also been working with the Vice Commodore in an effort to standardize the material presented in lessons. This year's Instructor's Clinic will take place in the near future. The club is continuing to look for new boats. Thank you to all those who have been keeping their eyes open for potential new-to-us boats. And I have been working to provide members with more opportunities to practice in higher winds and to advance their ratings.
Sadly, summer quarter will be my last quarter as Commodore. I have enjoyed serving the club these past two years and hope to continue in the future. Thank you for another great year at Washington Yacht Club!
Claudette Meyer