Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Summer 2004 Telltale Archive

Full Summer 2004 Archived Issue
Commodore’s Report    Abigail Plawman
Hi everyone!
I hope this summer will see everyone getting some sun and fresh air out on the water. We have had an amazing year so far, with plenty to keep everyone busy. In March, the club purchased six new Hobie Bravos and the Vice Commodore Kyle Fitzpatrick has been doing a fantastic job working them into an already busy lesson schedule. Matt and Heather Squires redesigned the website (from as far away as Costa Rica). In April, the Snooze ‘n' Cruise Committee put on another fabulous trip to Blake Island, complete with cake, ice cream, and piƱatas for my birthday! (Thanks guys!) We had a great Opening Day party in May, thanks to Cath Dahle. Informal racing has really taken off this spring, thanks to the race team, who kicked it off by acting as race committee and helping those new to racing understand how it all works. We even had a weather lecture in June from Walter Kelley, AMS Meteorologist for Channel 13 – sailors can always stand to know more about the weather! Many great things were accomplished this past year. Thank you to all the members whose hard work made them possible.
In the past few months, Mike Evans has built a new rudder-rack for the sail locker as well as designed new laser mast racks for the docks – thanks for your hard work! We had a spontaneous committee form to work on how to retain new members, which provided numerous great suggestions for the club! We accepted several new-to-us boats, including a Hobie 16, Hobie 18, and a Laser. We continue to look for new boats, so if anyone knows of other potential donations, please let me know!
The hard work everyone has put into the club this year is much appreciated. Currently, the club is looking to fill vacant positions and get all of our fleets in shape for the summer. If you have time, energy, or ideas that you want to share with the club, we would love to hear from you!
See you on the water!
Abigail Plawman