Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stomp Dancer Caught High and Dry

At the 2010 Blakely Rock Race, the skipper and crew of Stomp Dancer found themselves out of water after running aground on the sand bar west of Blakely Rock, a fate that befell Tenacious the year before. 


Looks like there were some familiar faces with wet feet hanging off the leeward shrouds last weekend.  Last year it was Tenacious sitting high and dry, this year it looks like it was Stomp Dancers turn.

Here is an article from Three Sheets Northwest about the grounding, and here are some photos of Tenacious aground last year. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trigonometry and Views of Mount Rainier

A short report on the intermediate cat class.


We had a little wind on Saturday for the class to try to put into practice the near incoherent mumblings about using trigonometry on apparent wind angles, and some sort of insanity about major versus minor axes of the mast affecting how you want to rotate it. The instructor was constantly asking, "What do you think the telltales are telling you?" But we had an incredible Sunday of double trap weather with views of Mount Rainier.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Notes from Last Meeting

A summary of February 16th's general meeting, and what you can expect at the meeting tonight.


If you're planning on heading out to the WYC meeting tonight, here are some things that happened last meeting, some of which will continue to be discussed tonight. 

There was a lot of talk last meeting about the daysailor handbook, and how it may undergo both content and form revisions. The handbook, which is given to each new member, has information about the club rules and general sailing reference information.  

A pdf version is already available online, but there was discussion about a more interactive version that would include multimedia to help illustrate topics. If completed, members at the meeting questioned the place that printed copies of the handbook would have in the club.You can expect more discussion on this topic. 

Andrew R. proposed a bylaws amendment that would impact the amount of collected membership fees allocated to the new boat fund. Currently 15 percent of all membership fees go toward the new boat fund, which is set aside for the club to purchase boats to supplement the WYC fleet. This number was lowered from 30 percent, after an accident raised the club's insurance rates and required the additional 15 percent to go toward paying that off. 

Now the club's insurance rates have gone back down, so Andrew proposed that we raise the percent allocated to the new boat fund back up to 30 percent. This will be voted on in today's meeting. 

The purchase of new sails was discussed, and will continue to be discussed in tonight's meeting.

Finally, Andrew C. will motion to rename the club's I-14 to "Gotta Skiffy?" 

If for no other reason than to take the bribe of homemade cookies and brownies, be sure to stop by the general meeting in the HUB room 304F at 7 pm.