Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Building an A Cat

One member's quick plug for building an A Class catamaran. 


There has been some discussion of whether the club could build an A cat. Though I would love to see one made, of carbon fiber I believe it is a little out of our price range. As a substitute, and to show it can be done, I direct you to the following site:

Yes it is an A Cat that has been stitched and glued

Chris Williams' A-Class Catamaran, built from plywood. Photo courtesy of

Monday, February 1, 2010

Revisiting High Tides

More intriguing tides in Washington.


Here is an interesting blog entry from UW's Cliff Mass about some local tides that were much different than predicted in the tide tables. How much different? How about TWO FEET! 

Although these tides were higher than predicted, who's to say we couldn't get tides much below predicted...something to keep in mind out on the Sound.

"Low on Tide" 1 - Doug Behrendt, courtesy of Apalachee Bay Communities (ABC)